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Traffic tickets in Illinois are not just a minor inconvenience, they are extremely expensive, and can lead to serious penalties including license suspension, extremely high fines, and even jail time. 

Proceeding without a lawyer and waiting to see if the police officer shows is a poor gamble these days because of the high stakes nature of Illinois Traffic Offenses. Speeding, for example, was recently “upgraded” to a mandatory criminal conviction (with a potential jail sentence, increased insurance costs, and potential suspension) if a driver is accused of driving 26 miles over the speed limit. The speed limit on I-94 is 55 mph, so getting caught going over 81 miles an hour could result in jail, a lost license, and several hundred dollars in fines and Court Costs unless you hire a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney.

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Traffic Offenses

Illinois is facing an unprecedented financial crisis. The politicians in Springfield wont cut spending or raise taxes, so they increase revenues wherever they can- including the costs that are assessed drivers for Traffic Offenses. A $100 fine on a speeding violation may cost a driver almost $400 once court costs are tacked on.

Illinois does provide a limited option for some drivers, accused of some offenses called Court Supervision. If you receive Supervision, the Judge will order you to pay fines and costs, likely go to traffic school, perhaps perform service hours, and will order you to receive no new traffic offenses for a period of time. The upside is that if you successfully complete your Supervision, you will not receive a conviction, and your insurance rates will not go up. Whether you receive Supervision is up to the Judge and the Prosecutor, so hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney skilled in negotiation increases the odds you will receive this favorable result.

Traffic Court is rarely held at convenient times for working people, and the number of tickets marked ‘must appear’, increases every year. If your ticket is marked ‘must appear’, there is a possibility that your presence in court may be waived if you obtain a Criminal Defense Attorney with a good working relationship with Judges and Prosecutors who may be willing to excuse your absence.

If you have been charged with any of the offenses listed below, you should immediately contact an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • ​Reckless Driving
  • Speeding 26 or more miles over the speed limit
  • Passing a School Bus
  • Speeding in a Construction Zone
  • Railroad Violation
  • 2 or more moving violations in two years
  • Fake ID
  • Liquor Violations
  • Driving while Suspended or Revoked (DWLS/DWLR)
  • Failing to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle
  • Leaving the Scene
  • Uninsured Crash
  • Failure to Appear/Vacating old Convictions

A skilled Criminal Defense Attorney will help you achieve optimal results in your Traffic case. This may include a reduction of the charges, lower fines, a sentence of Supervision, or even a dismissal. Call this office today to schedule you Free Initial Consultation and Flat-fee quote for unlimited representation on your Traffic Case​​

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