Even if you are charged with a first-time offense of DWLS or DWLR, you need to speak with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney right away. You can go to jail if this case is not handled properly. Fixing the damage done to your driving record after the fact can be much more difficult and costly than receiving good advice at the outset.

An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with a full appreciation of the workings of both the rules and regulations of the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, who is responsible for drivers’ licenses, can help clients navigate these difficult cases and achieve the best results.  Often, a Criminal Defense Attorney must convince the Presiding Judge to grant a lengthy continuance or series of continuances to address the underlying suspension, which will allow for a favorable resolution of the current case.

Every case is different, and the approach for each client will be different. If you have been charged with DWLS or DWLR, you should immediately contact this firm at the number below to set up a free initial consultation. Prior to our meeting, you should obtain from the Secretary of State’s Office a copy of your driving record, which is called a Driving Abstract for Court Purposes, for a $12 fee.​

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Driving While Licenses Suspended (DWLS), and the related charge of Driving While Licensed Revoked (DWLR) are extremely serious traffic violations. Depending on the reason for the suspension and a person’s prior record, jail time is often the result of a DWLS/DWLR conviction. Fines and court costs for these offenses often run $1,000 or more for a single violation.

At a minimum, DWLS/DWLR are Class-A misdemeanors, punishable by up to a year in County Jail. If the charge is Aggravated DWLS/DWLR, and this can be for a number of reasons, including prior offenses and the underlying reason for the suspension, a person may be sentenced to serve multiple years in the State Penitentiary (Department of Corrections). 

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